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October now and still on the farm, with short holidays in Melbourne, the frist snakes and two new/old motorbikes :-)

Beau took me to Eildon Lake again, but this time not on a mountain but on the dam of the lake. Beautiful forests around it and an incredible view especially down from the dam....

...like you can see here. It is a little bit like in a movie, just imagine this dam would break.... the whole village down there in the village wouldn´t exist any more :-) Btw: The river there is Goulburn river, this lake is only about 10km away from the farm.

A beautiful day on the farm :-) Sunny, warm and weekend. This is Steward on a "Postie" (kind of Moped). Work on the weekend? Yes, if there is an alarm, like in this case. One of the inlet pumps broke down, so we had to start a backup pump.
This night Beau and I went for a litte bit 4-Wheel-Driving at night, to see some Kangaroos. Unbelievable how many animals you see here in the bush. Kangaroos, deers , wombats, foxes, rabbits and so on. Was a very nice trip until the situation on the picture! We were just about to get back on the road - just driving trough the ditch and then the car turned off and didn´t want to start anymore. Really a cunt of a situation, how an Australien fella would say now. No way to push it out... So we had to get back home, take another ute and start it again by this one. 
My best friends: the pelikan-gang :-D Nothing funnier than sitting on the balcony and giving them voices... what might they speak or think about?! Just hilarious birds!

Small trip with Beau trough the paddocks of the farm with his dog "Snow". Down there you can see the lagoon near Goulburn River. Very nice place with a lot of carps, ducks and other animals.


An Australian getting some wood.... I didn´t expect it would work, but it did! Later on we cut it all and burned it during the weekend. Good times and a lot of fun by driving 4WD, shooting birds and having a couple of cans near the fire!

Tiger Snake! 1,12m long and pretty deadly.. We came back from a small shooting trip and this snake was hunting for frogs in Beaus garden, thankfully we have been carring a shotgun!

Now we are on our way to Melbourne, a short trip for the weekend. On that picture we made a short brake in a very impressing forest - Ed said these are some of the highest trees of the world! Everything there was that big, I felt a bit like in a dinosaur movie.


Overview over Melbourne from Skydeck 88. Unbelievable view from there... Especially because Melbourne is a pretty interesting city, you can only find some skyscraper right in the center but the rest of the city is more like village - allways one family houses with garden and everything, so Melbourne is one of the biggest citys of the world - but only depending on the expanse :-)


Sunset in the centre of Melbourne and in the background Skydeck 88. I spent a couple of hours up there, it was just that impressing and also pretty cozy to sit at the bar up there having a coffee... :-)


Nightlife in Melbourne - Crown Casino, a lot of bars and nice people everywhere. I really enjoyed the time in Melbourne, it never became boring because if there is nothing to do then you can just go on the streets and watch all the perfomers there.

This weekend was kind of an animal-weekend.. Sunday moring Beau kicked me out of my bed - we got to catch sheep!! Alright we catched the sheep, went to a motorbike trip up the hills and found this Bluetoung Lizzard. Todo was our pet for a couple of days, he was kind of unusual calm, he didn´t bite us and all that stuff. Normally they are known for killing snakes.

We have also been on some kanue trips down the river to the next city, at a concert and Hot Rod show in Bright and so on... There will be some news then in the november section. At the moment i am still at the fish farm having a good time and earning some money. On the weekend there will be a christmas BBQ at Stuarts house (the fella i live with at the moment) and at the 27th I gonna leave the farm, fly to Sydney, head up to Surfers Paradise and meet Simon and Bella there to keep on travelling up the east coast.

Best regards, Michel :-)

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Comment posted by Peter, 02.12.2013 um 21:08 (UTC):
Hi Michel
What's up Down under - not much new here!
Too much to experience and too much beer?

Comment posted by Peter, 27.10.2013 um 05:22 (UTC):
Fantastic country!

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