Michel`s Journey

November and December

Happy new year from Australia!

Yes I am still alive and in Brisbane by now. About three weeks ago I met Simon, we picked Bella up from the airport a couple of days ago and now we are living in a beautiful house in Brisbane. We spend new years eve here and just enjoyed the time to relax in an own room and stuff.

But before I started my journey up the east coast I had to leave Goulburn River Trout Farm. After about five weeks of living at Stuarts house I sayed good bye and we made that last picture with the "outside crew".

From the left to the right: Beau, Stuart, Chris, Dipper, Michel, Jezza
I really had a good time at GRT and miss it now. It was good fun and good work there.

Even though now I am travelling and I started with a flight from Melbourne up to Sydney. Livng in the hostels is all right but not too comfortable... Staying in a room with about ten people in too small beds - good enought too live :-) But I really enyojed Sydney, nice buildings there and I met a lot of nice people. One of my best friends now is Markus from Austria. We met each other because we both couldn´t find accomandation for the weekend, so we decided to rent a car togehter to sleep in. So we started travelling togehter for the next couple of weeks. Good times!! :-)

Here you see the Sydney Opera House at night. An amazing building but a lot of people around this place...
But besides sightseeing there was a lot of party in Sydney, too. The biggest one I went to was a big festivel, the Stereosonic. The kind of music was not my favourite but it was really worth it to go there, to see the worlds most famous DJs.

From Sydney Markus and I went to Port Macquarry. We stayed there in a small but nice hostel and did some surfing, fishing and rock climbing. Port Macquarry is a small town with a nice beach and good spots for surfing and other waterr sports, the perfect place to stay for a few days. :-)

Beside the river in Port Macquarry I found that massive water dragon. It is always surprising what kind of animals appear all the time here in Australia!

I also met Max and Felix from Berlin here. We went fishing together, visited the Koala hospital, had a wine tasting and so on. And it was pretty funny: We met each other again in Coffs Harbour and now again in Brisbane... What a coincidence :-)

That day Markus and me went rock climbing again on the coast line of Port Macquarry. Good fun and just impressive big rocks right on those beautiful beaches!

Then we travelled from Prot Macquarrie to Coffs Harbour...

Nice hostel there and the best thing was that we could borrow things like surfboards kayaks and stuff for free! So Markus and I went surfing a couple of times...

… and we also made a trip to „little Mattenbirdisland“ by kayak. That was pretty interesting cause on that island you can find naturals pools with big crabs in them. And besides that it is good fun to surf the waves with a kayak!!

After a few days we kept on travelling to Byron Bay. That was really kind of a special city…. Hippies all over the place J

So we decided (recommended by Simon) to make the “Happy Coach Tour” to Nimbin. We got picked up by this rainbow-colored bus and had a very funny ride with a bus full of hippies and a real crazy old man bus driver J

If you buy a tent and all that stuff you have to carry it as well. Okay I only had to walk to the bus station… but still a lot of down force :-D

On the 15th of December Markus and I met Simon in Surfers Paradise, impressing waves there and good partys at night. I think we all really enjoyed our stay there!

Here you see the end of the parade through the city centre to the beach. This city looked completely like new but way to big. The whole Gold Coast is like one city and Sufers Paradise was just a small part of it.

After that stay here Markus had to leave back to Sydney where his flight back to Austria departed. Simon and I really miss the times of travelling with him!

Then we headed up to Rainbow Beach - The town to travel to Fraser Island!! So after a night in the hostel there we took the ferry with our 4WDs and went to Fraser!!

Awesome weather there, the bluest water ever and nice people over there! Here you see Simon and me sitting on the top of a cliff on Fraser.. :-)

This is the whole crew we travelled with. Good fun with the 4WDs in the sand - including a couple of cases of getting stuck! But still we got everywhere we wanted to get to! For example the champain-pools, Lake McKenzie and of course our camp we stayed at and where we partyed!

Can water be more clear nice and blue?! I don´t think so... Okay maybe on the Whit Sundays, but we will see! The sad thing was that it is totally forbidden to go for a swim in these water cause of big sharks, dangerous jellyfish and all these things... We were only allowed to enter the water in the freshwater lakes and creeks. All in all it was just stunning to see such a beautiful island! 

On the Fraser Island trip we got to know a couple of irish guys.. Pretty funny people after all and good drinkers! :-) One of theier girls names was Rosie so we named our red car after her. So we kept on travelling with "Rosie" and on a small countryroad we found a place called "HESSEN PLACE"! We couldn´t believe it, so we pulled over and took a couple of pictures.

Finally it became NYE, Bella arrived and we stayed in our beautiful quiet house in Brisbane. Nice party with beautiful fireworks down at Brisbane River! Since then we are still travelling up the east coast enjoing beaches and the nice weather... :-) More stories in January!!

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