Michel`s Journey


The Great Ocean Road! Simon left in Adelaide. He took off to Melbourne and Sydney before he flights back home. So from now on I´m travelling alone again. But just two days after Simon left in Adelaide Kemal and me met at the Great Ocean Road and visited the 12 Apostles  together. We had a nice afternoon and it´s just unbelievable, that he from Beijing and me from center Germany met somewhere in Australia!!



It´s getting colder now, big difference to Katherine, where we took off just four weeks ago. But still beautiful coastlines all with interesting stories about shipwrecks and stuff. 



On the picture below you see Loch Ard George. An interesting spot where people got flushed in and got rescued from a few ship accidents. 



And yes I was there, too. Here we got the problems again of travelling alone: You got to take all the pictures by yourself J



Here you see a bit of the winding Great Ocean Road all directly along the sea. Nice Scenery and good fun to drive, too! Finally some curves again after thousands of k´s of just straight road. The first time that I was really happy that we bought a 250HP car. 



I send a couple of days relaxing on the great Ocean Road and decided because of the bad weather to stay in a Hostel in Apollo Bay. Nice place and not too many people around. I really enjoyed it to have one day not being in the car! :-D 


Then I decided to surprise Simon a bit by meeting him on his last evening in Melbourne. We went to the city and spend a nice evening along the river and up on Eureka Skydeck again. 



Melbourne at night from 300m above, just breathtaking. It was totally worth it to go up there a second time! It is absolutely incredible how big this city is. As far as you can see, houses everywhere (except on sea side)! 



After another good time in Melbourne, this time in St. Kilda, I went up to Alexandra again, to meet my mates at Goulburn River Trout Farm. That was a pretty funny feeling getting back there – it almost felt like coming back home! Sooo good J 


Some surprises happened on the farm. Dipper moved on the farm now and he´s got a new pet: spook. I had good fun playing around with him!

Of course we spend the evenings again at Beau´s place, sitting next to the fire, drinking some beers. And even Ed stopped by. I think there were all pretty surprised to see me again. 


Here you see Beau with his dog Snow. She was very sick, when I left the farm, but she made it!! J


After two nights at GRT I had to go back to Melbourne to catch the ferry trough the Bass Straight over to Tasmania. Here you see the massive ferry after we arrived in the harbor of Devonport. After all it took us the whole night to get over there because it is about 450km of ferry! 


It´s way colder now, like 15 to 20 degrees during the days but I really enjoy being out of the heat now. Just so refreshing J 


So I arrived on the 4th of May in Tasi, went for a walk around in Devonport and Launceston before I made all the way to Springfield Hatcheries near Scottsdale. 


On this picture you see the valley where the farm is located in. I recon it almost looks like the Vogelsberg around here!

So by now I am working for two weeks here and I like it already. For this week I had a whole house for myself – luxury for a backpacker! After all it is an interesting place here, so many new things for me to learn and thousands of chances to get better in stripping fish J


So far best regards from Australia´s smallest state and yes, we really made it, we surrounded the whole continent by car J Now there is only Tasmania left for me to discover, so I hope I´ll find some great places around here in the next couple of weeks.

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