Michel`s Journey


Allright, by now it´s January and we (Bella, Simon and Michel) are travelling from Brisbane up to Cairns. And this is how Rosie looks like since we put all our stuff in there… But yes it has a system :-D

Our first stop was in Coloundra, we woke up pretty early cause it always gets pretty hot in the morning, so we had the chance to see this beautiful sunrise, while trying to get another couple minutes of sleep on the beach.

We really have been looking for a hobby, so we decided to buy some fishing gear but we are still fishing without a great success… J

Noosa was beautiful! We stayed there a few night, hanging around with some other backpackers, trying some fishing and swimming every morning. Bella and I just slept on the beach.. it couldn’t be better!

On our way up to Rainbow Beach we came through Gympie and visited a small museum about gold mining.. pretty interesting stuff that a lot of Australian towns are just built because of gold.

We went to Rainbow Beach, just to enjoy the time on the beaches, fishing and stuff. Then on our way to Bundaberg we visited a little reptile zoo in Childers. Just awesome how fast crocs are and how dangerous all these snakes can be! I can´t believe that we had two of the three world most dangerous snakes on the farm…

Also Bella was lucky to get close to some kangaroos J Isn´t she sweet?!

Bundaberg was not that great, so we kept on driving to Agnes Water. We had a beautiful camping side there and went for a long walk along the coast line. Big rocks and lonely beaches all around. Just like paradise! J

Simon and me posing on a big rock.. 

Everybody is looking for good travelmates and we are just travelling with the best friends – Awesome! J

We pulled over on the way to the next National Park cause of a beautiful beach that we just saw for the highway, we really wanted to go for a swim but then – f*****g hell warnings everywhere for crocs and deadly jellyfish! Welcome to middle-north Queensland J


A couple of hundred kms in the hinterland we visited Eungella National Park. Nice rainforest up there with a great look all over the landscape!

What a nice sign :-D Pretty easy to understand I think.. Found at Cedar Creek Falls..

We spent an awesome day there bathing in the water, looking for some gold and so on. J

Up in Airlie Beach we couldn´t wait to start our trip to the Whit Sundays and finally our nice sailing boat, called “New Horizon” departed from the harbour. We went for some scuba diving trips, meeting sea turtles, viewing reef sharks and looking for nice fish and coral in the Great Barrier Reef!


Besides the diving and snorkling we went to Whitehaven Beach. One of the most famous beaches in the world! I´d say sand couldn´t be whiter!! Unbelievable views there! 

Our guide told us all that really white sand came out of an underwater volcano after the last ice age and by now it started to get washed away… Very sad because a few years ago this beach was rated for number one in the world!

What a lucky time together with Bella! I am soooo happy that she came here to visit me J


After these awesome days on the Whit Sundays we went to Townsville, stayed there a bit to relax and then we took the ferry to Magnetic Island. We were lucky again with the weather and had some nice days there! We went for some walks, through different bays around the island and also up the hills to the forts of Magnetic Island.

It was hard work though to walk on these rough tracks in the sun, so Bella and I went for a swim to get refreshed, but even the ocean had nearly 30°C J Finally we got back to a road and a friendly family picked us up and drove us home.


Beautiful views from the forts onto “Horseshoe Bay”, where we stayed on a camping ground. On this evening walk we also saw a couple of koalas but these lazy things were just hanging around in the trees – doing nothing!

There were a lot of animals around our camp ground. Wallabies, koalas and also opossums, which tried to steal our bread! Was not that great, cause they made a hole into the mossy-net of our tent… However this mother with the little one was pretty cute and always tried to get some of our food while we were eating. J

After Magnetic Island we visited some waterfalls on our way to Cairns. At first we stopped at the “Jourama Falls”, stayed there for the night and took a nice, cold and refreshing bath on the next morning in the cascades. Just awesome! And then the rain started… We have been told that it is wet season now and suddenly it started raining for the next three days – nearly without a break. But…

… we have been lucky to get an hour rain free at the “Wallaman Falls” – Australia´s highest falls with 278 meters. That was just impressive! The water didn’t even really touch the ground because it got split up into fog while falling. Unreal!

We also walked the whole way down to the ground of the falls. That really was hard work to walk down for kilometres right through the rainforest. But it was worth it. Besides Whitehaven Beach and maybe some other things I have never seen something impressive like this before!

Can you find me in this picture? :-)

Okay, now January is over, Bella departed yesterday back to Germany and now Simon and I are looking for some work in Cairns before we keep on travelling into the outback. These days are really sad.. It couldn’t have been better the last month. We have seen so many great things and had so much fun together. I wish she could have stayed a little longer J


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...till the end of time...

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You're both soooooo sweet:-) all our best wishes<3<3<3<3<3

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