Michel`s Journey


Welcome to the Homepage about my Journey 2013/14!

On this Website I want to tell you storys and show you some pictures from China and Australia.

I started at the 20th August 2013 in Frankfurt, flew to Shanghai and then to Beijing. 
Now I stay for three weeks at Kemal`s home; doing some sightseeing, eating good food from all over the world and visiting friendly people.
At the 10th September I am going to travel to Melbourn over Shanghai and start work and travel there at a trout farm.

After that... let`s see what will happen till then..
My plan is to travel along Australias east cost north to Cairns, staying on this way in Sydney and other citys, visiting my friend Simon, buying a car......

I will try to write some news on my Website as often as possible but this is not easy in China. A lot of Websites for communication, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and also my Homepage are not allowed and not possible to open here.
So thanks God, that I know the Chinese Telekom Chief. :-)

I have seen this special vehicle in Beijing.... What do you think is in there?!

For now best regards from Beijing,


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